It begins with a dough canvas....... Producing the best pizza in Australia and rating in the top ten pizzas of the world, could only have a positive effect on business, and this is exactly what has happened for Damon de Ruiter and his team at 40’s Café!

When Damon became owner of 40’s Cafe 10 years ago, he had no idea that he would create pizzas of such quality and individuality! Pizza that would become a frequent treat for locals and a 'must try' for tourists.

Located in the renowned winemaking region has enabled Damon and his team to explore and source many food artisans’ ingredients. Being known as one of the powers when it comes to gourmet food, the Barossa is the perfect location to gather the fresh, high quality items  that are required to make such pizzas as the Lamb & Kipfler Potato and the 40’s Barossa Deluxe. Having an award winning  butcher and cheese producer just down the road in the picturesque town of Angaston, also acts as an advantage for the 40’s crew - utilising the goods to the best of the dough base!